Herman von Mexico (batteryacidpies) wrote in masturbatorium,
Herman von Mexico

If case the SMB acronym doesn't work...

Dear Screaming Monkey Boner,

I'd like to donate all the band names I've been collecting over the years to you in your time of need. If the SMB acronym doesn't work out, you are welcome to steal any one of these.


ass fluid
bikini crumbs
velociraptors anonymous
recycle your bicycle
sousaphone numbers
princess di and the paparazzi
mr. poop and the potato soup
edible pubic hair
smoking cat and the allergic reaction
cock wigs
diarrhea fight
testicle farm
fingernail cereal
rats live on no evil star
fancy hats made of boogers
the sexecutioner's choice
busting skulls with the bottom of a broken microwave
raincoats for fat people
the retarded brain surgeons
the ticks in my oatmeal
the opposite of locking your keys in your car
happiness without the constant masturbation
killing ducks with a rock
necklace made of peas
a shoe for your penis
there is too much glitter in my spaghetti
gym class & the boner that wouldn't go away
clap your hands if you smell what i smell
that awesome band before system of a down
jello supply
the lumpy cats
blind people pumping gas into a baby's mouth
suffocation city
the tree of vibrating popsicles
choking man's handbook
g-spot & the butt popcycles
destructo-bot & the shattered hand
hillary duff's killers
dirty sock suckers
ozzy flozbourne
frankenstein's asshair
bleeding through the dying autumn's ashes from an emo winter's shadow fall
plumpy & the cunts
poopy juice man & the protein shakes
we cut fish
the broken shoulder blades
JTT vs. MR T
the one eyed, one horned, flying purple penis eaters
electric car accident
grease fire in a fireworks factory
zong cigarettes
stick figure dick-fight
muscle man and the french snail
666... pick up sticks... with your asshole
ninja star eating contest
the potato nutsack band
lips and toenails
the origional spaghetti destruction
old king swallows jagged mice
cloud's disease
fuck hat
nutsack the clown
chinese patrol car
cock rash
kill whitey
addicted to gypsys
the see-thru eyepatches
lawnmower fight
han solo and the drum solo
possum waffles
the power of slut
please catch these invisible swords
hollow trees & the japanese mafia
spaghetti toenails
fuckball & the losing team
the lost nostrils
obi wan can-blow-me
the dangerous whores of la la land
ghetto superstar wars
shit, piss, hell, and the guy who discovered sandpaper
lean pockets can suck my ass
taco crotch
the pubic hairs of moe
the buttcrack apple juice brothers
six tits
fuck dr.pepper
john's touching my nuts
the quiet sheep
apocolypse sloth
the sesame chicken underground
gummi worms 4 (the revenge of the bears)
deer infection medicine cocktails
kung fu masturbation
BBC and the CPUs
PCP and the CUPs (CUP=see you pee)
the puppykickers
the neuclear sloth farm engineers
post-tramatic breast disorder
you sleep in the fireplace
i sleep in the dishwasher
poisonous trampolines
the poop fucks
pussy skeleton
mechanical condors
hammer control
leave me a laser blaster
eye patch/peehole/garden hose
nurse bob & the floppy dick delivery service
the seriously infected dick stitches
captain scroo & the goats that said no
we found this is your butt when you were asleep
fuck me and i'll run you through
spunky explosions
sperm bomb
dick hunt
crunchy piss & skinflake cheese dip
snake-nest in my sisters butthole
terminators are gay
gi joe and the vagina gun
pizza hut survival kit
drippy butt cup
the masturbation snorkle nightmare
greasy fat men squatting over pancakes
somewhat trained attack monkey
backspace universe
i brush my teeth with cat shit
hercules fucked my grandma with a tennis racket
tornadoes of funk
crumpled frogs
the capitol city extention cords
breathing zebras
tit bazzlebee & the exploding mustache
fuckface magoo
super invisible space station
the pinching cock monkey disaster
jesus fartpowder & the diabetes medication
electrical testicle
umbrella skeleton
the invincible bow-tie/death machine
spooky dan & the eye socket eels
the cowboy shitface band
overdeveloped sense of fire monsters
piss piss
don't make me kill you again you squirrel
bicycle sewing machine moose repellent
a bunch of nice guys who grind up kittens
broken glass in my bathrobe pockets
more than twelve diseases
my beard is also a hat
planet suck
the beetles
michael jackson and the missing virginity
ass hats and vagina bats
bored of death
...and then george washington rides on on a bionic horse
the mitten tree
disgruntled painters union
freedom from the tar baby
mr. rogers and his magical cramps
dr. death & the poisonous sex noise
butt-fire & the flying spaghetti mob
disposable teenage lungs
sleepy pilots
disobedient testicle socks
sargent mint & the super-charge
grandpa death & the circus patrol
fat men missing legs
professor dumbledor & the fucknuts
penis christ
frustrated trees & the secret weapons we know nohing about
christmas music echo location
platypus man
fucking magical horse brigade
banjo sam and the stupid assholes
dig ramatico and the standard fil
free whores
dj jesus christ and the flux capacitor
light speed swing set
neuter spray
waterbed villains
oli and geo vs. the virgin car
ray the abortion
harmonial crease
the pickled chikadees
bob marley and the whalers
oj and the i murdered my wifes
michael j and the shakes
kidney punch
the recockulous five butters
the not so fantatic four
cowboy satan
company pig
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