Gwen Oood (funwithpoop) wrote in masturbatorium,
Gwen Oood

It's Video Time!

Well, hello all. The video is done and all is going well. To celebrate, we're having a OpinioNation video release party at the Garage this Friday the 21st. We are playing with DISKORD, Destrophy and Killing Grace in the Main Room and No Pride, Phedge, Atomic Annie and Fail to Fall in the Lounge! That's what John tells me, anyways. It shall be a grand experience.

This will be an all ages event and we urge any and everyone to come. Especially BJ from the Grounded. We'd love for you to come down and get a count of the fans per band member at this show. Then you could decide right there if we are worthy of being a band and not waisting everyone's time. Anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, go here. It's funny. In fact, Check out all of our little video time fun if you haven't yet!

Well, I'm all done for now kiddies. Until next time, stay awesome and make fun of people!

Owen - SMB
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