Gwen Oood (funwithpoop) wrote in masturbatorium,
Gwen Oood

Video Show and Online Purchase Info!

Hey everyone. Thanks a load for coming out to the show last night despite the horrible white death we here in Minnesota call snow. I know I had a hell of a time getting to the Garage. Going 5 mph down 35W, having my window down, screaming at people going the other way down 35W and telling them "HI!" It was awesome. I can't believe how many of you guys showed up. We are all so proud to have such amazing fans like you. We are not worthy.

I hop you liked the video. As far as I know, we'll have it up on our site very shortly.

Last but not least, we have exciting news for all you wanna-be CD purchasers out there. Our album, The Process of Assimilation, is now availablefor purchase through,, and pretty much any other major online retailer.  It will be up on Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster and the like in about a week.  You can even go into a Best Buy and have them ship it to the store for you, so if you’ve been waiting to get the CD, there are even more ways to do so now, so stop slacking ;)

Well, until next time, listen to Iced Ink and stay AWESOME!
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